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Plai is the ad tool built for small teams & creators to launch ads like a pro, no experience required. Simply plug in your creative and budget, and Plai runs your ad campaign for you.

To use this API, you need an API key & Organization Id. Please contact us at to get your own credentials.


After your developer application is approved, you (the developer) need to get authorization from the advertiser to manage their accounts.

The advertiser enters the following authorization URL in the browser. They will then be navigated to connect their Google Ads Account.


Field Type Description
organiztion_id String organization id provided by Plai
user_id String user_id is what you need to generate. Alphabet (case sensitive) and numbers only.
redirect_url String Represent the callback url that will redirect the user back after successful connection
state any (optional) Your custom parameters


After user connects Google Account with Plai, Plai has all the information needed. The advertiser will then be redirected to the redirect URL that you specified in authorization url. The success status & provided state is appended to the redirect URL.

Google APIs

Plai Google APIs is a series of interface services provided by Plai for Business to developers. Through integrating and calling the API, developers can leverage our interface to interact with Google Ads.
Please follow this link for API details :


X-API-KEY must be passed in header for all API endpoints.

We provide APIs to:

  • Create a campaign
  • Update a campaign
  • Report campaign performance
  • Suggest Ad headlines and descriptions
  • Suggest keywords to target
  • Suggest locations to target

Sample Request

Request for generating headlines and descriptions


Please limit total number of API calls to 3000 per day, and 1 query per second.

  • Please notify us in advance if you plan to send more than this limit.
  • Eng team is opened to make an arrangement for your case. You will get
  • an error returned from our server if you exceed this limit.